foreign trade merchandiser
Job responsibilities:
1.familiar with the foreign trade import and export process, will make a quotation, packing list, customs declaration, PI, etc.;
2.maintain good relationship with suppliers, check and audit the factory data;
3.follow up inspection schedule ,and solve the problems in the process of production altogether with QC, to ensure the quality of the goods and deliver the goods on time;
4.follow up complaints of customers, and solve problems for them.
5.maintain customer’s relationship, communicate with customers effectively, answer the relevant business issues for customers patiently;
6.update and organize the products’ stock, and constantly improve the basic information of the products’ stock;
7.follow up the team leaders’ arrangement

Job requirements: degree or above, major in international trade, business English or related, with more than 3 years work experience in foreign trade;
2.familiar with foreign trade import and export business links, can operate, to control the whole process of foreign trade, able to work independently;
3.have good communication, coordination and execution ability, practical work seriously, have the responsibility and team work spirit;
4.proficiency in a variety of office software, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and communicate with foreigner independently;
5.some experiences in the trade of building materials industry is preferred.


E-business operation
Job responsibilities: charge of our existing Alibaba international shop, WeChat and other platforms of the sales operations and promotion, and carry out online sales
2.responsible for the company's website platform, the online product shelves, out of stock shelves, information updates, and shop daily management and maintenance work
3.responsible for the development of new online sales platform, follow up the product line sales, expand sales channels, promote the development of the brand
4.collect and reorganize sales data, carry out market research and competitor analysis, make sales plan
5.follow up the team leaders’ arrangement

Job requirements:
1.e-commerce, international trade, marketing and other related professional
2.Above 2-3 years of sales experience, more than 3 years sales experience in the E-business, Ali international sales experience is preferred
3.language: fluent in English speaking and writing 2, computer: proficiency in the operation of OFFICE software, and the basic beauty map (PS) operation
4.familiar with eBay, speed sell through, Amason, Ali international station and other platform operator priority
5.activity and hard work, and adapt to the environment quickly, and willing to accept challenge
6.ability to work under pressure, do not give up easily, strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and careful,
7.have strong learning ability and team work spirit